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Shirdi Cabs

Garud Cabs is a reputed car rental service provider for Pune to Shirdi and the fastest taxi service to the Pune – Shirdi city. We are the only service provider which offers 24 hours shirdi cabs / taxi service as well as all type of A/C and non-A/C luxury tourist cabs for personal and family trip to shirdi. We offer all types of travel interconnected services under one roof and are known for our excellent and proficient city taxi services for Shirdi.

We are committed to provide safe and quick service. Our cabs are available round the clock and are backed by location tracking. This means a quicker pickup and faster response time to your call for Shirdi cabs.

About Shirdi

Shirdi is the address of one of India’s most holy and worshipped saints-Sai Baba of Shirdi. Located 190 kms from Pune , Shirdi was a sleepy little village until it became one of the holiest places in India when the great sage Sai Baba of Shirdi died here in 1918.

Masses of devotees host to Shirdi every year, irrespective of their religion, to pay their respects to the Sai Baba. Garud Cabs Booking service provides the devotees a relaxing and enriching direct journey to Shirdi. Garud Cabs car rental service gives you the opportunity to visit every one of the holy places in Shirdi at your ease and without disturbing about delays.


Special Shirdi Package

1 Day Return

  • Indica A/C - Rs. 4300
  • Indigo A/C- Rs. 4600
  • Innova A/C-Rs. 6000
  • Xylo A/C - 6/7 Seater-Rs. 5800
  • Swift/Etos-Rs. 5000
  • Tempo Traveller 13Seater -Rs. 7000
  • Tempo Traveller 17Seater -Rs. 7500
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Pune Airport To Shirdi

1 Day Drop

  • Indica A/C - Rs. 2600
  • Indigo A/C -Rs.2800
  • Innova A/C -Rs.5000
  • Xylo / Indigo Manza A/C - 6/7 Seater - Rs.4500
  • Swift / ETOS A/C -Rs.3000
  • Tempo Traveller 13SeaterA/C-7100
  • Tempo Traveller 17SeaterA/C-7500
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Pune Airport To Shirdi

2 Days Package

  • Indica A/C - Rs. 5000
  • Indigo A/C- 5200
  • Innova A/C-Rs. 7500
  • Xylo A/C - 6/7 Seater-Rs. 6500
  • Swift/ETOS A/C-5500
  • Tempo Traveller 13Seater-Rs.10100
  • Tempo Traveller 17Seater-Rs.11400
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Out Station Cabs

1/2/3 Days Cabs

  • Indica A/C - Rs. 9 Per KM
  • Indigo A/C -Rs. 10 Per KM
  • Innova A/C -Rs. 14 Per KM
  • Xylo A/C - 6/7 Seater - Rs. 11 Per KM
  • Swift/ Etos -Rs. 11 Per KM
  • Tempo Traveller 13 Seater - Rs. 17
  • Tempo Traveller 17 Seater -Rs. 23
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